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Are you using plastic wipes?你在用塑料濕巾嗎

Wet wipes are used in many different areas of life, especially for disinfectant purpose now a days. But do you know what materials make up the wipe?


90% wipes contain some type of plastic


In order to create a soft yet durable wipe, manufacturers are using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polypropylene (PP) and cotton woven together with plastic resins in their wipes. They can not fully biodegrade, and breaks into smaller pieces microplastics releasing into the environment, their daily impact on the environment is longstanding and far-reaching.


BBC War on Plastic : How disgusting is this? 16 tonnes of wet wipes were accumulated over three days in the city of Bristol.


Alternative for plastic wipes塑料濕巾的替代品

The Eco-friendly options : 100% bamboo fiber wipes 環保選項:100%竹纖維濕巾

  • 100% biodegradable 100%可生物降解

  • 100% compostable 100%可堆肥

  • Tree free no plastic 無樹無膠

  • Soft yet strong 柔軟但結實

PATL Antibacterial ECO Bamboo wipes kills 99.99% of bacterial and ECO -Friendly, you have a GREENER CHOICE.



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