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Installing instructions安裝示範

Wall mounted wipes dispenser 掛牆濕巾提取器

Here’s how to do it 方法如下:

  1. Mark the four screw holes on the wall 在牆上標記四個螺絲孔

  2. Make sure the level by using level ruler 使用水平尺確保水平

  3. Top point of the dispenser is 100 to 140 from the floor would be the perfect height提取器的最高點距地板100至140高度將是理想的高度

  4. Drill holes on the marked locations and insert the plastic plugs 在標記的位置鑽孔並插入膠塞

  5. Holding the dispenser, match the holes, drill the screws in and tighten握住分配器,對準孔,鑽入螺絲並擰緊

  6. Don't install it upside down, or the liquid of the wipes will drain out and left a wet patch on the floor below 請勿將其倒置安裝,否則濕巾的液體會流失,並留在下面的地板上

  7. Install the wipes, close the cover 安裝濕巾,合上蓋子

  8. Be sure to keep the roll inside their bag at all times確保始終將濕巾卷放在袋子裡

  9. Ready to use可以使用

Table Top wipes dispenser 不銹鋼座枱濕巾提取器

Stainless Steel Wipes Station不銹鋼座地濕巾提取站

Bucket Wipes Dispenser試用桶裝濕巾提取器


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